Monday, June 30, 2014

June 25th- June 30th

 Monday June 30th
Dad strained a muscle in his right thigh.  It was good timing as far as the weekend recovery but it's not well yet.  We may not go far today.  We weren't sure we would ride at all today but he wants to give it a try. Looks like the wind will be in our favor today so that should help.  

Friday June 27th
One of the thousands of tiny toads hopping on the road.  At first i thought they were pieces of leaves being blown down the road, but they weren't all going with the wind.  Mom thinks they are cute.  
The scenery changed from flat grasslands to rolling hills with lakes and ponds and trees.  

 Here's a picture of our camp site.  Its by a lake near the little town of Cormorant.  We're in the rent now.  Mom has earplugs in and it is pouring again and she can't hear it; I can and I can't sleep so I though I'd send this.  

Thursday June 26th

We set up tent on the concrete floor of a pavilion in the city park in Enderlin, ND and put the bikes and trailer in the pavilion as well.  It didn't look like rain when we went to bed.  Mom couldn't sleep so she stayed awake and watched a movie on her phone until after 2 am.  I woke up about 4am with the sound of pouring rain on the tin roof. It is still pouring at 8 am.  Mom is still sleeping (she wears ear plugs) I can't see a good reason to start riding bikes right now. Can you? We were hoping to reach Fargo today but, we may just stay in Enderlin. (8:00 am -Dad)

We are in Enderlin North Dakota.  It's raining the bardes rain I've ever seen! we are camped under a pavilion so our bikes, trailer and tent are dry. We have ridden in the rain storms but this is something else! We plan to hold up here another day.  (10:30 am -Mom)

If you saw spot today you realized we rode after all.  It stopped raining at noon so we broke camp and headed out.  We got to Fargo about 7:30 pm.  Someone swiped my flag while we were in a fast food joint.  And we left the other one in the Glendive Inn.  Oh well!

Wednesday June 25th
We rode from Marion to Enderlin ND.  3:28 hrs.  38.22 miles, ascent 718 ft, decent 1135ft.(mom)
This is Emily.  the cutest waitress west of the Mississippi.  8 years old.  
  This is Joan Trapped and her grandson.  She interviewed us for the Marion Newspaper. 

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