Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 5th updates... unexpected visit from our daughter Judy.

We finally have reception yay! We crossed Lolo pass today.  It was a hard ride for me.  Keith's very patient and encouraging.  We will stay here, just outside of Missoula Montana,  again sunday night.

We are in Missoula Montana at  Taco Sano. We just ate the best breakfast burrito Ive ever had! We are waiting for Dad's  bike to be  repaired .  No biggy, don't be alarmed. His shifter broke a week or so ago. The bike shop in Walla Walla (Allegro Bike Shop) ordered the part and had it sent here to  (Missoula Bike Source) we are having them install it. Oh, they just called, bike is done. We will go to Adventure Cycling when we pick up Dad's bike. Love you, Mom

We are just up the river from the Lochsa Historical Ranger Station. The ranger station is closed so we aren't certain what makes it historical, Dad figures it's probably where Smokey the Bear got his start.  We are camped in an undeveloped site, but it's free!  We rode 56 miles today . We rode by the clear water river and then the Lochsa river.  We saw a lot of River rafters having a great time.                    The ride was great upgrade all day but it was so gradual  we hardly noticed.  
Notice Dad's beard? 
Thursday May 29

Judy got here today, surprised the sox off me! Thanks for all the letters I miss you all so much. Dad and I are having a great time.  We will be in Great Falls tomorrow, can't wait to see hunka Terry. This is what the sky here in Augusta looks like tonight. 

This is where we camped by the Lochsa Historical Ranger Station. My favorite camp site yet! 

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