Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturday June 14th

Keith: Its really not flatter ground.  There aren't mountain passes,  but we climbed more today than some days when we were in the mountains. We climbed 3028 feet today. There are things to distract us like deer and antelope and groundhogs.  The road today was really bumpy which was annoying,  but we persevered. 

We have been passed by several giant machines going down the road. One today took up the whole road. I don't know how it passed other vehicles but we were off the road when he went by. For some reason they have a lot of them out here.

This is mom. There are rolling hills one after another and they are relentless.  The last 15 miles were pretty flat but from the time we started this morning until then we were working hard.  Ascent was 3051 ft. The descent was 3251 ft. We just count the climbing because coasting is easy!

The previous was copied from a conversation with Judy. Note that my climbing number was different than moms. Our GPS s give a little different readings.

Joy: We had an amazing ride today, 48 miles in just over 3 hours!  We averaged 15.2 mph! We flew into Glendive.
On the way to the motel from the grocery store I crashed and broke my right shifter, dadgumit!
Our bike guy Parrish in AF is sending a new one but it won't get here til Tuesday!

It's all good,  I'm just grateful for Parrish, he is so good to us. 
We will stay here 4 nights I guess
and catch up on some sleep and some laundry. 

We are really close to North Dakota boarder!  We were going to be in N D Monday!

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