Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friday June 20th-Tuesday June 24th

Old Cars passing through Richardton, N.D.

Saturday June 21st
We found this rubber duckie beside the the freeway when we stopped for a rest and put it on the trailer.  We decided he's kinda cute, so we're keeping him.  We need a name for him, though.

Good names provided by family.... Pinky, Binky, Duck, Cruiser, Butterfly jumped off the trailer and we don't know where he is.  Thanks for your help.  Love you all. G-pa K

Sunday June  22nd
The Bismarck, ND Temple.  The church we went to today was right next to it. 

Monday June 23rd
We rode 84.54 miles today.  The weather was nice most of the day.  We had some light showers off and on and a slight tailwind and it wasn't too hot or cold.  The ride total time was6 hours 52 minutes, we climbed 2,851 ft. and descended 2,569 ft.  I burned 5,595 calories.  We took a 15 mile side trip into Bismarck to get batteries for the spot, then rode 70 miles to Napolean.  We did get caught in a downpour and it has been raining hard since we put the tent.  Having fun. 
Here is a scene about 30 miles before we got to Napoleon.  

Tuesday June 24th
We've set up camp on the stage in the city park in Marion ND tonight.  We get double protection from the elements that way. 



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