Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday May 28

 We're doing fine.  It was cold this morning and stayed cold all day.  We had a tailwind quite a bit of the way.  Then it started raining.  With the wind and the rain we started getting really cold. We stopped in Kamiah (cam ee eye) at a motel to get warm and dry. We descended 4839 feet today. So, not so much climbing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday May 27, Wolves or coyote

I woke up in the middle of the night and I could hear howling,  like wolves. I thought it was either wolves or coyote. It was kind of creepy.  It sounded like they were only a short distance away. I heard them several times during the night. Then the dogs in town would start barking.  It was like a werewolf movie,  except it was real.  I didn't wake mom up cause it would freak her out.
 I got up and hung the food in a tree and got a stick for a weapon.  Woohoo! They didn't come around.  They ate our neighbors,  though. phew. Just kidding. It turns out they were wolves. There is a wolf preserve just 1/4 mile from us. But there are also wild wolves around and when the wild ones come to visit they howl at each other . Dad

Tuesday May 27th, climbed 2000 feet in 8 miles!

We didn't make it to Green Creek, we stayed in Winchester at a State Park.  It's a cool town, looks like an old west town.

We had an amazing ride yesterday.  Beautiful country.  It was the hardest ride of my life, but just gorgeous. -Joy

It was a beautiful ride and very hard.  We climbed 2000 feet in 8 miles.  Didn't make it as far as we wanted.  Camped at Winchester.  -Keith

This picture is at the top the climb.  The antenna shows it must be high.  

We took another rest day today.  We rode more than 7 hours yesterday and like Keith said 8 miles of that was totally upgrade.  Needless to say we were exhausted when we finally got camp set up.  We rode into Winchester today and took a picture of the famous Winchester riffle. -Joy

This is of Beverly and Manuel yesterday when they stopped and gave us a cold drink by the historic monument.

Monday May 26th

 On our way to Winchester, Idaho. It was a "tough" climb. Me (Joy) bottom left, Keith top right. 

At roadside historical marker 

From Snake River to Winchester Idaho

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday May 26th

We just crossed the Snake River into Idaho!

May 25th

This is Chief Timothy campground. Its lovely here.  Bev and Manuel came ahead last night and found the last site around.  So glad they did that.  I was exhausted by time we got here.  We set up camp then we went to dinner.  I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!  Keep up the prayers please, it's really scary on the road.  Thanks, love you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday 23rd

We left Walla Walla kind of late today.  We woke to another stinken f1at tire!  This time on the trailer again.   We did find  a bike shop and bought tire liners for my bike.  We haven't had a flat tire since!!  We are at an RV park in Dayton. We got less than 30 miles in today  but "its not a race"  We traveled on Middle Waitsberg road rather than the highway. It was beautiful.  Rolling hills planted with wheat in some areas and what looked to me like peas in other areas. It was so green and peaceful out there.               It started raining and it rained hard. We stopped in a little convenient store to wait it out. We headed out but didn't get far before it started up again. It was actually kind of fun.  We set up the tent in the rain.  We got hot showers and did the laundry.  It's warm and dry in our tent.  We really appreciate this awsome tent.


We woke refreshed and raring to go, I decided Portland is simply a confusing place, it took us forever to just get out of town! When we finally figured out where we were and which way we were headed it was amazing! We loved the ride today. We rode next to the Columbia river for miles it was beautiful. Then we rode up the Columbia River Historic scenic highway. We have been there in our car  before and I loved it, but there is nothing like doing it on a bike! ( it was a tough ride, I'm glad I don't have to do it again tomorrow but I'm so glad I did it today!)
We stopped at a little place in Corbett and bought a pulled pork sandwich, so yummy!
Bev and Manuel pulled up behind us just before Horsetail Falls. It was so good to see them, we hadn't seen them since Thursday morning. We had about five miles to go after that. We rode ahead and they stopped  at Horsetail falls. We got to Ainsworth campground and they met us here. We set up our tent them Manny called us to dinner! They had chicken, rolls, chips and coke for us. And CRISPY CREAMS and milk mmmm! We will have the donuts and milk for breakfast. What great friends we have.
We may not see Bev and Manuel til Wednesday.  They will spend more time in Porland.    They bought sleeping bags, cots and ordered a tent, since we saw them last! Who woulda thunk it?! Joy

Updates from the last week

This is the kind of stairs for fish to go over a dam. At McNary dam Utamilla.

Last time we'll see the Columbia River on this Trip.  It's been our companion for the last week.

In the fish stairs.  If there were fish there we would have been able to see them.  

Some of the vast open country in Eastern Washington.

Cliffs guarding the Columbia River.  The road was very level here and we had a tailwind so we made good time.  

This is where we entered Washington for the second time.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Robyn is taking over the blogging...
  ... Hey this is Robyn. Mom and Dad have asked me to blog things for them because they are having a hard time getting internet, and keeping things charged etc. So, they will text me info and hopefully pictures, and I'll do my best to keep it updated for them. The last few I posted I realize are out of "order" sorry.
We had to stop for Dads diet dp and cream fix! We are on our way to Walla Walla, hey, don't I have a book called that?

This was where we spent Saturday night, all Sunday and Sunday night.  It rained ALL day Sunday

Dad fixing yet another flat tire, what a guy!

Sunday May 18th We can't blog today, no internet access.  We are doing well, taking a rest day.      Bev and Manuel ordered a tent, which will be delivered in Portland on Monday or Tuesday. They bought sleeping bags and cots. Shocks the Sox off me, I don't think Bev has EVER camped!! They had dinner ready for us last night before we even got camp set up.  It was good to see them. We last saw them Thursday morning.  We probably won't see them again until Wednesday.  They plan to go to the Portland temple and do some other things in Portland.  They are so good to us.

We met a guy last night who is doing the northern tier too.  He started on the Oregon coast a little south of where we started.  A really nice guy.  We camped by him last night. He and Dad had a good time together.  He told Dad that when he saw him get off his bike and pull out his click stand he thought "oh man, he's doing this and he's blind!"  Funny huh?

Wednesday May 21st

So we rode 60 miles today. Lots more climbing. Had bike problems early on so it was sort of late when we set up  camp. We set u p at west Roosevelt park. The adventure cycling maps  suggested the spot. We were  all set up, tent up, sleeping bags out , air matresses blown up. Bev and  Manuel were here with dinner for us AGAIN!, A Native American came by and asked what tribe we were from! I guess we were trespassing and he made us leave!!  I felt uncomfortable there, I should have listened to the prompting!  ALL PART OF THE ADVENTURE! So glad  Bev and Manuel were still there. They let us throw stuff in their van and they drove our things to the right park and we rode our bikes.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Friday was an awesome day. We left from Goble camp grounds, we stopped in St. Helens and had breakfast at the Village Inn. Way too much food, we took a doggie bag and ate from it today!

The ride seemed easier than the first two  days. We rode our bikes over the  St. Johns Bridge in Portland, fun but kind of scary!  Two lanes of traffic going each direction we rode side by side and took up the right lane.

We got lost on Portland, the map was really confusing we kept going back and forth trying to figure where we went wrong. We couldn't find anyone interested in helping us until we saw some guys coming out of a bar, they were extremely helpful and got us on the right path. That was not, however, the last time we got lost! Long story short, we ended up staying at the Portlander Inn. So nice, we got another shower too!

My good friend Lori Cravin came to see us at the hotel. She brought her sweet daughter, we had a wonderful visit. She (Lori) was a young girl when we met her 35 years ago. She used to baby-sit for us. We reminisced about the good old days!

We got our laundry done, drank some chocolate milk and slept like babies. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Day two

I'm not as strong as I'd like to be yet. I struggle going up the steep grades and need to stop and rest now and then. Keith just keeps plugging along only stops to wait for me.  I do very well keeping up other times though,  I'm so happy with my Silvio for that reason.
There was a lot of climbing with little shoulder again, Keith stuck our flags out sideways from the trailer and my bike and the traffic stayed clear after that.
We had another flat tire, this time on the trailer.  Luckey my handy man was along to fix it! Lucky my handy man is around to pull it!
We got as far as Goble camp ground. We have climbed over a mile so far.
We got to shower after two days of sweating, it was wonderful.
Bev and Manuel left for Tacoma Washington this morning to visit Manny's aunt. We will probably meet up with them again on Sunday

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First day on the road

Stayed at Venice RV camp ground last night. Rode down to Lewis and Clark monument this morning.   Bev and Manuel took picturs of us at the monument then at the Ocean dipping our rear wheels. We've already met some great people, I wish I had their names. One fellow from England, now living in Eugege Oregon. He was so interested in our bikes. He took pictures of us and asked lots of questions. We are "living his dream" he is a cyclist too.  We said good bye to the Cobos's and started out.

We stopped at a restroom and met a couple from China, now living in portland. Laura and Leon. Leon was taking picures of us long before we decided to turn in there. More pictures were taken, more questions asked.  Each mentioned if they were younger they would love to ride across the country on bicycles.  Leon is 82 and Laura is 79.          

We had to cross a road where fresh asfault had just been laid, we got tar and gravel on our wheels which was scrapping the fenders. We stopped and cleaned it out the best we could. Every now and then, all day, we heard another scrap and a peice of gravel would fly out!         

We  met 2 guys riding up the other side of the Lewis and Clark road, Dave is a dentist the other is a highway patrolman. They were so friendly and encouraging. They could see that I was struggling and offered Dave's yard in Astoria for us to set up our tent. But we went ahead to Gnat Creek campgound. There were a LOT OF LOGGING TRUCKS on the road.

We had protein shakes for breakfast about 8:30 this morning. By the time we really got going I needed to fuel again! But I didn't I didnt realize why I was feeling yucky, dugh!  It was about 3:00 pm when we stopped in Astoria to get a little nourishment.  I had a chocolate milk,  keith had a coke with cream. We rode another mile and stopped at a park. Keith went next door to Dairy Queen got 2 hamburgers. I forced myself to eat 2 bites. I hate to waste food but I just couldn't eat. We rested there for an hour then headed out again.

The ride continued to be hilly. There were more logging trucks on the road, which made me very nervous. I was fatigued and kept crossing the line. Going 3-4 miles an hour up steep hills, my balance was off. So I walked up the hills sometimes.  I was riding down a nice hill when I realized I had a flat tire! Keith was a ways off and I couldn't get his attention. I walked the bike another 2 miles where I met up with Keith. He changed my tire.! Bev and Manuel came along just as Keith was putting air in my tire.

Bev went to a docyor today. He put her arm in a sling and gave her some pain meds. I feel so bad for her, she should be home, rusting
Manuel bought some ice and filled all of our water bottles, he is always looking out for us.

We got to camp just before dark.  Our neighbors are very friendly. Interesting folks. Invited us to share their fire and offered us a beer. We enjoyed the fire with them after we set up camp, we declined the beer.
They had befriended another lady earlier, who was also sharing their fire, she shared carrot cake. Mmmm

Monday, May 12, 2014

Everyone should have such friends!

We were  planning to do this trip on our own but when Bev and Manuel heard our plans they told us they were coming with us! Who, in their right minds, would offer to take THREE MONTHS out of their lives to support two crazy people on bikes! We will be forever grateful to our wonderful friends!


Judy took some pictures to e-mail to KSL news. Some of our bikes and our gear, the trailer and all.  As well as some other pitures of us riding the bikes that Susan took yesterday.  The pictures were on the monitor during part of the interview.The whole experience was fun, but scary! I didnt think I wanted to do it. I have had enough stress in my life, getting ready for this trip but Judy was so excited about it and I knew I would be sorry if I didn't. Im glad we had the great experience, thanks Judy

We're on our way!

Bev and Manuel came and loaded our stuff in their van. Then we headed off. But wait! Our daughter Judy had called KSL and made arrangements to get interviewed about our trip. So, we stopped in Salt Lake at the KSL building and watched a News Cast take place (it was pretty cool). Then Lori interviewed us for a very quick 2 1/2 minutes. I felt kinda dumb because there wasn't enough time to answer the questions fully. Oh, well, that is the way TV works I guess.

We made it to Baker, Oregon tonight and found a motel. Tomorrow we may be able to start riding our bikes. Yay! Keith

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Making Changes

Time is flying by! We leave in 5 weeks from tomorrow!  Plans have changed just a tad, I'm NOT riding my trike after all! I love, love, love my trike, it's so comfy and I never worry about falling over going up steep hills, it's great.  But it is very inefficient.
Keith is so sweet to me, he reminded me of our first week long ride to yellow stone, I rode a BikeE recumbent on that trip. I was very slow. Keith was very patient!  The next trip I rode a Rans recombent. Keith said there were times he couldn't keep up with me! Last year, we took two weeks and rode 650 miles, I was on my trike.  Again, a very slow trip. Keith mentioned that it's like the BikeE all over again!
I took Keiths Silvio for a spin and my speed picked up significantly! The Silvio is a little tricky to get used to, and I'm still EXTREMELY nervous riding
it. But we decided that's the way to go and we ordered one for me. I just hope 5 weeks is enough time to gain the confidence I need to ride in traffic.  I'm elated to think of the time we will save, my average speed is 3 miles an hour faster than before.  And I'm sure I'll get stronger and faster.
We calculated the distance we will ride and without any off trail sight seeing jaunts the ride is 4589.5 miles. We should cut WEEKS  off our time,

This is my bike, Joy's is in the mail.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Right around the corner

We've been planning this for 6 years now it's right around the corner! There are so many little things to do before we leave, loose ends to tie up, but we're getting there.  Our bikes are in pretty good shape but we need to get a couple of extra tires which we will just keep in the van . I guess bike tires don't get as many miles on them as car tires. Keith said we will probably need to replace them a couple of times . There are bike shops along the way though so we should be fine .

4 days and we're on the road!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Important things for the trip

Well, Joy has gone with Robyn to get a mani-pedi. Definitely something very important for a transcontinental bike ride preparation.  I wonder why I wasn't invited.  Hmm.