Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thursday Aug 7th- Monday Aug. 11th

Thursday Aug 7th
 We did some killer hills! -Mom
 We did a very tough climb today- Dad

Friday Aug. 8th
 We rode from Sharon Vermont to North Haverhill New Hampshire today. Only 43 miles, But we climbed 4616 feet! W e are making good progress even though we didn't get as many miles in as we had hoped. We have 285 miles to go, with three pretty steep hills yet but we should get over them tomorrow!!

This is how I feel about our bicycle traveling

Joy and a covered bridge.

This is on the River Road which follows the Connecticut River in Vermont for a few miles. 

Another covered bridge. This is on the River Road.

Wild turkeys next to the River Road.
Saturday Aug. 9th
This is our ride for the day. Right now we're in Lincoln. We have the big climb to do.

The last 3 1/2 miles were tough, but we conquered it. 

Sunday Aug. 10th
 The mountains in the east aren't as tall but many of the roads are steeper, so harder. We're sure looking forward to seeing you guys. And sleeping in our own beds. And a lot of other things we're missing.
 We rode more miles this past week than any other, 414.32.
My speed got up to 46.06 mph yesterday! Scary!! The rad was so steep, 9% grade for 3 1/2 miles. We had a stretch that was 12% for 2 miles.  These grades were going up as well as going down the other side.  We are out of the mountains now! Just a few hills ahead, I'm so happy!
 We are in Maine! 210 miles to Bar Harbor.
I think we will be home for the Andreason family reunion. 
I need a pedicure.
Ryan will be in Bar Harbor on Friday.  I'm thinking we may fly home Monday or Tuesday next week, that's the 18th or 19th and that's not for sure yet. We will be flying stand by.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday August 6th

We rode 65 miles today, we are at Ticonderoga New York.  We will Ferry across Lake Champlain tomorrow into Vermont.  We will start our last map tomorrow! 401 miles to go.  -Mom

If you can see those hills through the haze they are in Vermont.  We're still in New York, But will be in Vermont soon. -Dad

July 26-Aug 5 Niagara falls

July 26th
We are in Geneva on the Lake Ohio.  It's a tourist trap town.  We are trapped here doing our laundry! When we leave we will go to Erie Pennsylvania! We will lay over there until Monday.  We will have ridden about 3360 miles by days end.  I don't care for Cleveland much, it made me nervous.  It wasn't the same feeling as the Amish communities I enjoyed so much!  We are moving right along.
Last week was the most miles we had ridden up to that point with 362.72 miles.  This week we rode 385.23! with a grand total of 3273.38 miles.  We're getting there!
  The East Lake, Ohio city complex has a display of 500 US flags, it's breath taking.

Ohio Farmland

Wild flowers on the side of the road.

Our first look at Lake Erie.

A bike trail by the lake just east of Cleveland.

Joy and the sunset.  Beautiful!!! Joy, that is.

It looks like we'll be in Niagara Falls on Tuesday.

Laying in the tent waiting out a rainstorm.  We had a tornado watch today.

Tuesday July 29th
We have gone 3,338 miles with 848 to go. Yay! see you soon. We love you.
We have gone 80% of the way.
First drive by shot of the falls.

One can see the mist from the falls from miles away.  In Ontario.
We are in Ontario Canada! Can you believe it? We will ride our bikes by Niagara Falls tomorrow.  We have 792.93 miles to go! love you

Joy by the Niagara River.

The scow is that black thing on the right.  The mist is where the fall is, so you can see how close
those guys were to go over.

The scow which has been there since 1918.

The falls up close.  It's just amazing.

Joy and Bev

Looking towards the US side of the falls.  I think that bridge is the rainbow bridge.  Its the one we crossed to go back to New York.

Under the Rainbow Bridge

A great few of the Canadian side of the falls.  I think it's called horseshoe falls

Here we are at the falls.

We are back in the US of A again, It's good to be home!! We are under the awning of a convenience store waiting out a rain storm.  It doesn't want to clear tho! Niagara Falls was Spectacular.  Love you.
This is the rainy season here so I think we're going to see more of this!
We are in a laundromat now, awaiting out this stinker rain! It's warm in here.  We are soaked to the bone! Bev and Manny are looking for a motel.

We stopped to check the air pressure in my front tire and this came from around a bush to great us!

Bailey in Michigan!

Thursday July 31st
Rained again today had to get shelter for a while then it seemed like we were following the rain after that.  Dad said "everything is wet but us!"  We got a late start today so Dad was hungry before we got out of Lockport.  We stopped to eat then rode on.  It was nice and cool. We got to Albion where there is a Wal-mart.  I went in for something while Dad watched the bikes.  When I came out he told me he had lost his phone!
Long story short, we got hold of Manny and the two of them spent 4 hours retracing, while Bev and I sat on a bench in Wal-mart.  We had a great visit! They found the phone where we had eaten earlier! what a relief.  Not much time left for riding after that but we headed out again and I got a flat tire!! Such is life on a bike! We are still having a great time. Love you

We got a cottage with 2 bedrooms for the Weekend.  Bev and Manny are sharing it with us.  Cool, Huh? Budget Inn "Cottage" Cicero, NY

Monday August 4th
We are in Boonville New York.  We rode 81 miles. It was a good day, NO RAIN! We have only about 520 miles to go! Ryan got us a good deal on airline tickets.  He's going to meet us in Maine on August 15th.

We made a wrong turn.  We turned onto 104 instead of 104B and went to Mexico instead of Texas.