Friday, July 25, 2014

July 11-July 24th

July 11th

We had dinner here for our anniversary. I can't remember the name of it, but they had good food and ice-cream.  Ludington, Mi. Isn't she cute?

Sunset on Gun Lake Mi. There are a lot of fireflies, not sure if you can see any.

A tom came out to greet us when we stopped to check Joys tires. Michigan July 16th

Here we are in Prairieville, Mi. I don't know whey they call it Prairieville, its a forest all around. 

A Mennonite girl driving by July 14th

We ride with Beautiful scenery all around us. 

Langley covered bridge near Centerville, Mi. That's Dad. 

Mom inside the covered bridge.

Another shot of the bridge.  So much of the scenery in Michigan looks the same, it was nice to see this beautiful bridge.

We're right in the heart of Amish country.  They don't like us taking pictures go them, but we have, they're so picturesque.  We'll send some.  Mom probably already has.

Mom(Joy): We are almost to Ohio! Over 2900 miles.  So homesick decided to change our bike tour to four weeks, starting today. I think that's doable! Thanks for all the love and support.  Love you all.

Can you see the buggies in the shed? Special parking for Amish buggies by the store.

I guess they're shopping.

Same buggy waiting for a train with us.

A pretty Amish farm.  They all look nice like this.

The sun reflecting on the Maumee River from our campground.

We followed this family for a while.  They were gawking at us gawking at them.  I'm not sure whether we or they were the most unusual.

Our camp near Grand Rapids, Ohio.

We were in Payne today. But we endured it well and rode through it.  We are now out of Payne. Ohio that is. 

This was the smoothest fresh chip seal road I have ever been on.  Ohio knows how to do roads! Very nice ride today.

This was our campsite last night.  It is a city park in Monroeville, Indiana.  They just let bicyclists stay here for free (donations accepted). It has a shower a kitchen, AC. Very nice.

Mom keeps getting sunburned lips, so she wears a mask for protection.  It's also handy for robbing banks and stage coaches.  Notice the corn in the background? We've been watching corn since Oregon.

Carter in Ohio.

Keith by lake Erie.

Me (Robyn): I'm missing you guys so much!!! Can't wait for you to be home!!
Dad (Keith):It won't be long now. 18 riding days including today. (July 24)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Friday July 11th-July 14th Crossing Lake Michigan

Friday July 11th
This is a Buick Le Sabre.  All acrossNorth Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin I have seen more of these than any other car make and model, I wonder why?

Saturday July 12th
When I called about camping in this fairgrounds they didn't tell me they were having car races.  They were very LOUD. But they were over by 10 so it turned out OK.  We're in Manitowoc, WI.  This is where we catch the ferry across lake Michigan. 

This is the SS Badger coming to dock in Manitowoc today.  There is a little light house to the left.  This is the ferry we fought to go across Lake Michigan.  
Gramma and the SS Badger.

A lighthouse on the Lake Michigan coast at Ludington, Michigan.

                                                              Sunday July 13th 
Here we are in Ludington, MI taking a rest day.  Yesterday we rode the SS Badger across lake Michigan.  That was an interesting journey. There were 509 passengers on board.  There were a bunch in the upper deck playing cards and getting drunk (very loud), some in the bingo room playing bingo (very loud), some in the movie room asleep (quiet), some in state rooms asleep (quiet), some just wondering around like us. 
It was foggy, so we couldn't see much, its a coal-fired steamer so if you went outside you got covered in soot.  It was also quite cold and, with the movement of the boat, very windy.  
All in all a very enjoyable ride. 
The lady we talked to on the phone said there were racks for our bikes, but in reality there was just a spot under the stairs where we could lean our bikes ion other bikes that were stashed there.  We paid $6 extra to pile our bikes on the bike heap. What a joke! Oh well, we survived and the bikes survived.  Its all just part of the adventure.  
Thanks everyone for your support. We're almost 2/3 of the way now.  Looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Monday July 14th
We rode our bikes along the shoreline of Lake Michigan Sunday night.  Watched the sunset from Ludington city beach.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 9th, and 10th

                                                                        July 9th..
  We had just climbed a steep hill after leaving Cornell, MN.  This is the road ahead.  It's all so beautiful.  Oh, and Mom climbs these hills really well now. 
This is a picture of Dad riding in Wisconsin.  It doesn't do justice to the beauty of the scenery OR DAD!

July 10th
Everything is going well.  We are in Freedom Wisconsin.  We rode 60 miles today.  We will take the ferry across Lake Michigan on Saturday.
When we got to Freedom Wisconsin we went to City hall to see about camping in the city park.  The police chief was there and he gave us permission.  A few minutes after we got to the park a news reporter came to interview us! she will send us a copy of the paper. I guess one of the gals at City hall called her.  

July 8th....45th Wedding anniversary on Friday.

July 8th
The scenery was beautiful today, as with every day I guess. Its been so fun to see it change from state to state. 
I saw three wild turkeys, another turtle, a bald eagle and several deer today. 
We saw two bambis yesterday they were pretty small with cute littles spots. We have seen a badger, pelicans,  cranes, millions of baby toads, lots of turtles, bald eagles, lots of deer, rabits, geese, wild chickens,  phesants, racoon, skunk, cows and horses! 
Friday is our 45th wedding anniversary, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than what we are doing.
 We rode from Cornelle to Merrill today. 82.7 miles 6 hours 20 minutes. It was a nice ride, great roads, cool temperature.  
We have now ridden 2337.26 miles! We are moving right along.
We will ride into Manitowoc on Friday
And catch the ferry to cross Lake Michigan on Saturday. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Friday July 4th through Monday July 7th

So... When Mom and Dad send me their updates, I think that it must take a few days to actually reach me.  Or, they wait until they have good service connection to send me updates. So, keep in mind this when you are reading these posts and others, because they are a bit out of order from what I can tell.  Mom and Dad will probably go crazy when they see how out of order these posts really are. Please note that I am doing the best I can!- thanks, Robyn

Friday July 4th...
An awesome waterfall in Osceola,  Wisconsin. There is a wooden walkway that goes down to it right from the main road through town. This was yesterday. Oh, happy Independence Day. 😊

We are in Wisconsin! We have gone 2151 miles. We are happy and healthy and having a wonderful adventure! Love you!-Mom

 Monday July 7th....
Search on youtube for "Bicycle Bunkhouse Dalbo" for a video of where we're staying tonight.  Love you. -Dad
Brandon in Minnesota!
We rode through a little town called BRANDON today! Made us think of our sweet Brandon West.

Our campsite in Enderlin

Keith in North Dakota

Dad Stretching before we break camp Glen Ullin

Ender, Zander, This caboose was at the camp site we stayed at in Glen Ullin North Dakota.  Grandpa took pictures inside we will show you later, they are cool pictures.  Love you!

This was supposed to be a picture of mom in the mirror.  Hard to aim and see and ride at the same time.

Monster Truck.  We keep seeing these. They are actually sprayers.  We were tempted to ride under them, I think we would fit.

This was back in Minnesota on the Central Lakes Trail.  There were many trees down across the trail. 

A covered bridge on the Lake Wobegon Trail.

Mom and me with Donn Olson of the Adventure Cyclists Bunkhouse fame. 

Some people had some extra shoes, I guess.  Somewhere in Wisconsin.

Mom beside the road in Wisconsin.  This is where the boots were on the guard rail.

Monday July 7th
At Dylan's Dairy.  Good ice cream.  We need calories, mmmmm.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1st, 2nd

Tuesday July 2nd.
 We stayed in a garden next to Jordie's Cafe in Bowlus, MN.  She (Jordie) is fixing it up for traveling cyclists to have a place to stay.  It is right next to the Soo Line Trail which we were traveling on yesterday.  The last two days we road mostly on rail/trails.  That's where there used to be a railroad which isn't used anymore, now its a paved trail.  We road on the Central Lakes Trail, the Lake Wobegon Trail, then the Soo line trail.
Our tent at Jordie's.

Jordie's is a place specifically made for bicyclists. These kind of places pop up where the Adventure Cycling Routes are. If you can't tell,  its decorated by a woman.  It is very pretty.

Wednesday July 2nd
 We crossed the Mississippi River today about 2 miles after leaving our campsite.  The weather is beautiful today, finally, after a week of rainy days