Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1st, 2nd

Tuesday July 2nd.
 We stayed in a garden next to Jordie's Cafe in Bowlus, MN.  She (Jordie) is fixing it up for traveling cyclists to have a place to stay.  It is right next to the Soo Line Trail which we were traveling on yesterday.  The last two days we road mostly on rail/trails.  That's where there used to be a railroad which isn't used anymore, now its a paved trail.  We road on the Central Lakes Trail, the Lake Wobegon Trail, then the Soo line trail.
Our tent at Jordie's.

Jordie's is a place specifically made for bicyclists. These kind of places pop up where the Adventure Cycling Routes are. If you can't tell,  its decorated by a woman.  It is very pretty.

Wednesday July 2nd
 We crossed the Mississippi River today about 2 miles after leaving our campsite.  The weather is beautiful today, finally, after a week of rainy days

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