Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday June 18th

We are in Madora N. Dakota.  We rode 64.64 miles today, had 3 flat tires, changed one in pouring rain.  It stopped raining the minute we got to Madora. We got the tent set up before it started raining again. We ate in the tent and it started raining The thunder was so loud it was a little frigtening.It was a real downpour. So grateful for our nice tent! 
It's been a wonderful day, we are having so much fun, inspite of the rain and flat tires. 

Tuesday June 17th.....
  Well the bike part we have been waiting for arrived about an hour ago! Keith has my bike all put back together, he is so wonderful! He is just taking it out to ride and make little adjusments. It's too late to head out today but we are so anxious to get going again tomorrow. 
Thanks for all the love, concern and prayers

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