Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 29th 2014

We left Kamiah today and headed up the Clearwater river. It was a nice ride without a lot of traffic and nice weather.  At Lowell the Clearwater river separated into the Lochsa and the Selway rivers. We followed the Lochsa.

It looked like a continuation of the Clearwater. Very pretty. It was a gradual climb so we made pretty good time. We stopped at Syringa and got lunch.  Bev and Manuel stopped by just as we were leaving, chatted a while and then they went ahead of us.

A couple of miles up the road we saw the van with Bev sprawled out on a lawn chair by it soaking up the sun. Joy thought that was funny which kept her going for a while.

We met up with them again just before the Lochsa Historic Ranger Station.  They said that some other riders we had met last night were camped in a Forest Service Campgound just past the ranger station. We found a spot off a little fishing access road a little before the campground.  It was a nice spot to camp and it was 'free'!. I like free.

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