Thursday, June 5, 2014

More updates June 5th (these ones are from Keith)

We went over the Continental Divide today. Rogers pass.

Pretty Montana

 Judy, Robbie, and Vera met us in Augusta and Surprised Gramma.

A big pointy rock thing.

Yesterday we stopped in a Jerky store.  
That was in Lincoln.

Our campground last night.  We heard wolves again last night.

Our campground 2 nights ago. In Lubrecht Experimental Forest.

Getting pictures at Adventure Cycling.  They might put us in their magazine. 
(I think dad forgot that he already sent this ... oh well I'll Humor him-Robyn)

Another bike traveler we met at the Continental Divide.  He was going west.  He started in St. Louis.

It looks like thunder storms, but they blew the other way.

Beautiful Gramma with a beautiful Montana background and sky.  It really is a big sky here.

Me and the big Montana Sky.

Beautiful Augusta Montana sunset.

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