Friday, July 25, 2014

July 11-July 24th

July 11th

We had dinner here for our anniversary. I can't remember the name of it, but they had good food and ice-cream.  Ludington, Mi. Isn't she cute?

Sunset on Gun Lake Mi. There are a lot of fireflies, not sure if you can see any.

A tom came out to greet us when we stopped to check Joys tires. Michigan July 16th

Here we are in Prairieville, Mi. I don't know whey they call it Prairieville, its a forest all around. 

A Mennonite girl driving by July 14th

We ride with Beautiful scenery all around us. 

Langley covered bridge near Centerville, Mi. That's Dad. 

Mom inside the covered bridge.

Another shot of the bridge.  So much of the scenery in Michigan looks the same, it was nice to see this beautiful bridge.

We're right in the heart of Amish country.  They don't like us taking pictures go them, but we have, they're so picturesque.  We'll send some.  Mom probably already has.

Mom(Joy): We are almost to Ohio! Over 2900 miles.  So homesick decided to change our bike tour to four weeks, starting today. I think that's doable! Thanks for all the love and support.  Love you all.

Can you see the buggies in the shed? Special parking for Amish buggies by the store.

I guess they're shopping.

Same buggy waiting for a train with us.

A pretty Amish farm.  They all look nice like this.

The sun reflecting on the Maumee River from our campground.

We followed this family for a while.  They were gawking at us gawking at them.  I'm not sure whether we or they were the most unusual.

Our camp near Grand Rapids, Ohio.

We were in Payne today. But we endured it well and rode through it.  We are now out of Payne. Ohio that is. 

This was the smoothest fresh chip seal road I have ever been on.  Ohio knows how to do roads! Very nice ride today.

This was our campsite last night.  It is a city park in Monroeville, Indiana.  They just let bicyclists stay here for free (donations accepted). It has a shower a kitchen, AC. Very nice.

Mom keeps getting sunburned lips, so she wears a mask for protection.  It's also handy for robbing banks and stage coaches.  Notice the corn in the background? We've been watching corn since Oregon.

Carter in Ohio.

Keith by lake Erie.

Me (Robyn): I'm missing you guys so much!!! Can't wait for you to be home!!
Dad (Keith):It won't be long now. 18 riding days including today. (July 24)

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