Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 9th, and 10th

                                                                        July 9th..
  We had just climbed a steep hill after leaving Cornell, MN.  This is the road ahead.  It's all so beautiful.  Oh, and Mom climbs these hills really well now. 
This is a picture of Dad riding in Wisconsin.  It doesn't do justice to the beauty of the scenery OR DAD!

July 10th
Everything is going well.  We are in Freedom Wisconsin.  We rode 60 miles today.  We will take the ferry across Lake Michigan on Saturday.
When we got to Freedom Wisconsin we went to City hall to see about camping in the city park.  The police chief was there and he gave us permission.  A few minutes after we got to the park a news reporter came to interview us! she will send us a copy of the paper. I guess one of the gals at City hall called her.  


  1. I found you from a blog friend named Kerin.
    I was born in Wisconsin.
    I live in Michigan.
    If you took the boat from Manitowoc, no doubt you came in to Ludington. I live an hour South of there. Curious if you are riding South, going East or North. Sorry you will be hitting rain . . . cooler weather on Tuesday. I used to ride long distance ears ago. My longest was through Wisconsin, 100 miles in one day.

  2. Yay! Lynne found your blog, and loves reading it.
    I told here that you were from Utah, same as me, and she might like to read along on your adventure.
    Little did I know, that you would be in her neck of the woods.
    How great it would be if you could meet her!!

    Best of luck , keep it up!!