Monday, July 7, 2014

Friday July 4th through Monday July 7th

So... When Mom and Dad send me their updates, I think that it must take a few days to actually reach me.  Or, they wait until they have good service connection to send me updates. So, keep in mind this when you are reading these posts and others, because they are a bit out of order from what I can tell.  Mom and Dad will probably go crazy when they see how out of order these posts really are. Please note that I am doing the best I can!- thanks, Robyn

Friday July 4th...
An awesome waterfall in Osceola,  Wisconsin. There is a wooden walkway that goes down to it right from the main road through town. This was yesterday. Oh, happy Independence Day. 😊

We are in Wisconsin! We have gone 2151 miles. We are happy and healthy and having a wonderful adventure! Love you!-Mom

 Monday July 7th....
Search on youtube for "Bicycle Bunkhouse Dalbo" for a video of where we're staying tonight.  Love you. -Dad
Brandon in Minnesota!
We rode through a little town called BRANDON today! Made us think of our sweet Brandon West.

Our campsite in Enderlin

Keith in North Dakota

Dad Stretching before we break camp Glen Ullin

Ender, Zander, This caboose was at the camp site we stayed at in Glen Ullin North Dakota.  Grandpa took pictures inside we will show you later, they are cool pictures.  Love you!

This was supposed to be a picture of mom in the mirror.  Hard to aim and see and ride at the same time.

Monster Truck.  We keep seeing these. They are actually sprayers.  We were tempted to ride under them, I think we would fit.

This was back in Minnesota on the Central Lakes Trail.  There were many trees down across the trail. 

A covered bridge on the Lake Wobegon Trail.

Mom and me with Donn Olson of the Adventure Cyclists Bunkhouse fame. 

Some people had some extra shoes, I guess.  Somewhere in Wisconsin.

Mom beside the road in Wisconsin.  This is where the boots were on the guard rail.

Monday July 7th
At Dylan's Dairy.  Good ice cream.  We need calories, mmmmm.

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  1. Robyn, you are doing a great job!! Thanks for all the efforts you put into this for all of us!!!!