Monday, July 14, 2014

Friday July 11th-July 14th Crossing Lake Michigan

Friday July 11th
This is a Buick Le Sabre.  All acrossNorth Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin I have seen more of these than any other car make and model, I wonder why?

Saturday July 12th
When I called about camping in this fairgrounds they didn't tell me they were having car races.  They were very LOUD. But they were over by 10 so it turned out OK.  We're in Manitowoc, WI.  This is where we catch the ferry across lake Michigan. 

This is the SS Badger coming to dock in Manitowoc today.  There is a little light house to the left.  This is the ferry we fought to go across Lake Michigan.  
Gramma and the SS Badger.

A lighthouse on the Lake Michigan coast at Ludington, Michigan.

                                                              Sunday July 13th 
Here we are in Ludington, MI taking a rest day.  Yesterday we rode the SS Badger across lake Michigan.  That was an interesting journey. There were 509 passengers on board.  There were a bunch in the upper deck playing cards and getting drunk (very loud), some in the bingo room playing bingo (very loud), some in the movie room asleep (quiet), some in state rooms asleep (quiet), some just wondering around like us. 
It was foggy, so we couldn't see much, its a coal-fired steamer so if you went outside you got covered in soot.  It was also quite cold and, with the movement of the boat, very windy.  
All in all a very enjoyable ride. 
The lady we talked to on the phone said there were racks for our bikes, but in reality there was just a spot under the stairs where we could lean our bikes ion other bikes that were stashed there.  We paid $6 extra to pile our bikes on the bike heap. What a joke! Oh well, we survived and the bikes survived.  Its all just part of the adventure.  
Thanks everyone for your support. We're almost 2/3 of the way now.  Looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Monday July 14th
We rode our bikes along the shoreline of Lake Michigan Sunday night.  Watched the sunset from Ludington city beach.

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