Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday 23rd

We left Walla Walla kind of late today.  We woke to another stinken f1at tire!  This time on the trailer again.   We did find  a bike shop and bought tire liners for my bike.  We haven't had a flat tire since!!  We are at an RV park in Dayton. We got less than 30 miles in today  but "its not a race"  We traveled on Middle Waitsberg road rather than the highway. It was beautiful.  Rolling hills planted with wheat in some areas and what looked to me like peas in other areas. It was so green and peaceful out there.               It started raining and it rained hard. We stopped in a little convenient store to wait it out. We headed out but didn't get far before it started up again. It was actually kind of fun.  We set up the tent in the rain.  We got hot showers and did the laundry.  It's warm and dry in our tent.  We really appreciate this awsome tent.

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