Thursday, May 15, 2014

First day on the road

Stayed at Venice RV camp ground last night. Rode down to Lewis and Clark monument this morning.   Bev and Manuel took picturs of us at the monument then at the Ocean dipping our rear wheels. We've already met some great people, I wish I had their names. One fellow from England, now living in Eugege Oregon. He was so interested in our bikes. He took pictures of us and asked lots of questions. We are "living his dream" he is a cyclist too.  We said good bye to the Cobos's and started out.

We stopped at a restroom and met a couple from China, now living in portland. Laura and Leon. Leon was taking picures of us long before we decided to turn in there. More pictures were taken, more questions asked.  Each mentioned if they were younger they would love to ride across the country on bicycles.  Leon is 82 and Laura is 79.          

We had to cross a road where fresh asfault had just been laid, we got tar and gravel on our wheels which was scrapping the fenders. We stopped and cleaned it out the best we could. Every now and then, all day, we heard another scrap and a peice of gravel would fly out!         

We  met 2 guys riding up the other side of the Lewis and Clark road, Dave is a dentist the other is a highway patrolman. They were so friendly and encouraging. They could see that I was struggling and offered Dave's yard in Astoria for us to set up our tent. But we went ahead to Gnat Creek campgound. There were a LOT OF LOGGING TRUCKS on the road.

We had protein shakes for breakfast about 8:30 this morning. By the time we really got going I needed to fuel again! But I didn't I didnt realize why I was feeling yucky, dugh!  It was about 3:00 pm when we stopped in Astoria to get a little nourishment.  I had a chocolate milk,  keith had a coke with cream. We rode another mile and stopped at a park. Keith went next door to Dairy Queen got 2 hamburgers. I forced myself to eat 2 bites. I hate to waste food but I just couldn't eat. We rested there for an hour then headed out again.

The ride continued to be hilly. There were more logging trucks on the road, which made me very nervous. I was fatigued and kept crossing the line. Going 3-4 miles an hour up steep hills, my balance was off. So I walked up the hills sometimes.  I was riding down a nice hill when I realized I had a flat tire! Keith was a ways off and I couldn't get his attention. I walked the bike another 2 miles where I met up with Keith. He changed my tire.! Bev and Manuel came along just as Keith was putting air in my tire.

Bev went to a docyor today. He put her arm in a sling and gave her some pain meds. I feel so bad for her, she should be home, rusting
Manuel bought some ice and filled all of our water bottles, he is always looking out for us.

We got to camp just before dark.  Our neighbors are very friendly. Interesting folks. Invited us to share their fire and offered us a beer. We enjoyed the fire with them after we set up camp, we declined the beer.
They had befriended another lady earlier, who was also sharing their fire, she shared carrot cake. Mmmm


  1. Looks like so much fun! be safe have fun, and EAT! its been so much watching you through the spot. Mom when you post something it still shows that dad was the one doing the writing, just thought id let you know. From what I can tell you should be in St. Helens sometime tomorrow!!! Be safe!

  2. *so much FUN watching you through the spot.

  3. Glad you're having a good time! Facebook us some pictures until you figure out how to put them up here :)

  4. Evie: I love you, be safe and don't pout.
    Carter: Be careful, have fun, love you!
    Ender: Be safe, don't let the bed bugs bute when it's night hahahaha, oh and I love you!

    Erin: I love you guys! I'm so happy your safe and enjoysing yourselves. Make sure you eat enough. We are all so excited for you guys. It's fun seeing all the people cheering for you guys. Love you and can't wait to read your next post. ☺

  5. Good Job guys! I love you so much! This is so much fun to be able to watch you as you go. Keep safe!!

  6. Can you guys tell us how many miles your have gone each day?

  7. You are awesome! We are cheering for you.

  8. Very proud and envious of my cousin! I'm following you now on your blog, and through your kids' FB postings...
    Chris Kling in North Carolina