Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunday May 18th We can't blog today, no internet access.  We are doing well, taking a rest day.      Bev and Manuel ordered a tent, which will be delivered in Portland on Monday or Tuesday. They bought sleeping bags and cots. Shocks the Sox off me, I don't think Bev has EVER camped!! They had dinner ready for us last night before we even got camp set up.  It was good to see them. We last saw them Thursday morning.  We probably won't see them again until Wednesday.  They plan to go to the Portland temple and do some other things in Portland.  They are so good to us.

We met a guy last night who is doing the northern tier too.  He started on the Oregon coast a little south of where we started.  A really nice guy.  We camped by him last night. He and Dad had a good time together.  He told Dad that when he saw him get off his bike and pull out his click stand he thought "oh man, he's doing this and he's blind!"  Funny huh?

Wednesday May 21st

So we rode 60 miles today. Lots more climbing. Had bike problems early on so it was sort of late when we set up  camp. We set u p at west Roosevelt park. The adventure cycling maps  suggested the spot. We were  all set up, tent up, sleeping bags out , air matresses blown up. Bev and  Manuel were here with dinner for us AGAIN!, A Native American came by and asked what tribe we were from! I guess we were trespassing and he made us leave!!  I felt uncomfortable there, I should have listened to the prompting!  ALL PART OF THE ADVENTURE! So glad  Bev and Manuel were still there. They let us throw stuff in their van and they drove our things to the right park and we rode our bikes.

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