Sunday, May 11, 2014

Making Changes

Time is flying by! We leave in 5 weeks from tomorrow!  Plans have changed just a tad, I'm NOT riding my trike after all! I love, love, love my trike, it's so comfy and I never worry about falling over going up steep hills, it's great.  But it is very inefficient.
Keith is so sweet to me, he reminded me of our first week long ride to yellow stone, I rode a BikeE recumbent on that trip. I was very slow. Keith was very patient!  The next trip I rode a Rans recombent. Keith said there were times he couldn't keep up with me! Last year, we took two weeks and rode 650 miles, I was on my trike.  Again, a very slow trip. Keith mentioned that it's like the BikeE all over again!
I took Keiths Silvio for a spin and my speed picked up significantly! The Silvio is a little tricky to get used to, and I'm still EXTREMELY nervous riding
it. But we decided that's the way to go and we ordered one for me. I just hope 5 weeks is enough time to gain the confidence I need to ride in traffic.  I'm elated to think of the time we will save, my average speed is 3 miles an hour faster than before.  And I'm sure I'll get stronger and faster.
We calculated the distance we will ride and without any off trail sight seeing jaunts the ride is 4589.5 miles. We should cut WEEKS  off our time,

This is my bike, Joy's is in the mail.

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