Monday, November 3, 2014

August 14th, 2014 Last Day!

Well, this is it! It's our last day of the trip. We have mixed emotions. We're excited and looking forward to getting home and back to our lives.  But, at the same time, we're a little sad that our journey will be over.

We don't have very far to go today, so we're not really set on getting an early start. (We haven't been set on getting an early start for the whole trip really.)  It is rainy and doesn't look like a good day to ride. Finally we quit stalling and just started riding.  It wasn't raining very hard, just kind of misting actually, so we didn't get wet while we were riding.

Once we got on Mount Desert Island where Bar Harbor is located I wasn't watching the road signs very well and got on the wrong road. It would have taken us to Bar Harbor alright, but the traffic was horrendous and the shoulder was non-existent. So, we had to backtrack a little bit and found a shortcut to the road we should have been on.  We took the shortcut and it turned out OK.  It was a nice ride and the traffic was slight so we had a really good ride.

When we got into Bar Harbor I couldn't find the right roads again so I asked a mailman which way to go to get to the City Pier.  He gave us good directions and told us where to find a bike shop to ship our bikes home when we were done. If you ever need local directions a mailman is usually your best bet, he'll know the roads and where everything is better than anyone else.

We got on Main Street which lead us to the City Pier and, as we rode down the hill, our friends Bev and Manuel were there taking pictures of us as we approached.  I wanted to dip our front wheels so we turned right to go down a ramp (as the mailman had told me) and the tide was up enough so we went down and made it official.  Before we actually dipped our wheels Joy started crying. I thought "What in the heck is she crying about, now?" I'm just a man, what do I know?  She was overcome with emotion from actually finishing this epic journey.  I was, too. But, I was smiling and laughing. I decided that women are different from men. (As if I didn't already know that).

We dipped our wheels, but Manuel didn't get a good picture so he had us go back to do it again. Except this time a big wave came in just at the right time (wrong time?) and completely doused me from had to foot.  We all got a good laugh about that.

We had a nice dinner on the pier with Bev and Manuel and then went up to the bike shop and shipped our bikes home. It seemed strange to not have our bikes with us.


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  2. Looks like I have some reading to do if I'm going to get a taste for the ride of a lifetime. :)

    Glad to meet you guys last weekend!
    Sounds like you might be getting some new rides eh? Next stop - Europe crossing. :)