Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thursday Aug 7th- Monday Aug. 11th

Thursday Aug 7th
 We did some killer hills! -Mom
 We did a very tough climb today- Dad

Friday Aug. 8th
 We rode from Sharon Vermont to North Haverhill New Hampshire today. Only 43 miles, But we climbed 4616 feet! W e are making good progress even though we didn't get as many miles in as we had hoped. We have 285 miles to go, with three pretty steep hills yet but we should get over them tomorrow!!

This is how I feel about our bicycle traveling

Joy and a covered bridge.

This is on the River Road which follows the Connecticut River in Vermont for a few miles. 

Another covered bridge. This is on the River Road.

Wild turkeys next to the River Road.
Saturday Aug. 9th
This is our ride for the day. Right now we're in Lincoln. We have the big climb to do.

The last 3 1/2 miles were tough, but we conquered it. 

Sunday Aug. 10th
 The mountains in the east aren't as tall but many of the roads are steeper, so harder. We're sure looking forward to seeing you guys. And sleeping in our own beds. And a lot of other things we're missing.
 We rode more miles this past week than any other, 414.32.
My speed got up to 46.06 mph yesterday! Scary!! The rad was so steep, 9% grade for 3 1/2 miles. We had a stretch that was 12% for 2 miles.  These grades were going up as well as going down the other side.  We are out of the mountains now! Just a few hills ahead, I'm so happy!
 We are in Maine! 210 miles to Bar Harbor.
I think we will be home for the Andreason family reunion. 
I need a pedicure.
Ryan will be in Bar Harbor on Friday.  I'm thinking we may fly home Monday or Tuesday next week, that's the 18th or 19th and that's not for sure yet. We will be flying stand by.

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